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What Is ?

ADOPT is the most innovative and comprehensive Digital Adoption offering available in the market today. It consolidates and concentrates the tools, data, and platform you need to make the most of your technology investment.

ADOPT increases the value and the effectiveness of your HCM system by enabling your people to work smarter, faster, and more accurately.

  • Accelerate your onboarding timeline
  • Reduce HR data errors that affect payroll and benefits
  • Increase confidence in your HR system and team

ADOPT supports most cloud-based platforms, including the following solutions:


Pre Go-Live

Go Live

Post Go-Live


Pre Go-Live Features

  • Educate key groups about upcoming changes and opportunities for improvement.
  • Deliver targeted messages to end users in a variety of formats, accessible from desktop or mobile devices.
  • Use a single source to manage and distribute testing information and instructions.
  • Transform your training efforts. Use ADOPT to reduce training hours while increasing training effectiveness.
  • Save and send all messages and training material from a single, cloud-based location.
  • Ensure your teams are well prepared and confident in the new system before Day 1.


Go Live Features

  • Integrated Single Sign-On or self-select option to enable secure access and targeted content.
  • Distribute information from a single source to quickly manage internal support and end user messages and instructions.
  • Jump start your content development by using ADOPT’s 150+ pre-packaged communications and training materials.
  • Automatically present reminders and updates to users when they initiate tasks or enter data in the system. Eliminate the chance that end users will not see important information beginning Day 1.
  • Create your own content, use content supplied by others or combine both to present a range of content and video context to end users.
  • Deliver modifications to support teams, confirm data input requirements, explain process workarounds– all delivered according to your roles and access rights already defined in your system.
  • Accelerate process adoption by connecting tasks to messaging and instructions at the source of the action.


Post Go-Live Features

  • Build Awareness and Reinforce Messages that drive awareness about system capabilities and the tasks each audience can/should perform.
  • Evaluate content consumption trends across the business and identify the areas to best capitalize on future investments.
  • Reduce service requests to call centers and local HR support for repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Maintain adoption momentum by delivering ongoing updates as the system is updated and processes and roles are modified.


Split Screen

Instructions and content is embedded within system screens where and when users perform their tasks.

Smart Pages

Quickly deliver announcements, reminders, and/or video messages to anyone, anywhere. From a single source, targeted messages to specific groups or send messages to broad audiences using the access rights already configured in your HCM system.



Your personal guide to help you through every step of your transaction journey. TRAILS provides step-by-step guidance to help users quickly navigate fields and enter accurate data complex or high volume tasks.

Training Pages

Available before and after your system is live, Training Pages provides a single location in which to organize information to prepare your project teams, end users and stakeholders about the system and its relevance for each group.

Content Cloud

Dramatically decrease the time required to maintain consistent system usage across user groups, geographies and time zones. Control your own messaging and determine when, where and to whom you will distribute information about processes and system tasks.


Use interactive metrics to quantify communication and training effectiveness and identifying subjects requiring more/different interventions—across the business and across platforms. Significantly reduce administrative support required to answer routine “How Do I?” questions.


Spotlight Videos

ADOPT is the leading Digital Transformation and Change Management tool for Workday. Split Screen delivers targeted information to assist Workday users understand what they need to do and which data to enter to complete their self-service tasks. Split Screen is more than just step-by-step guidance—it provides the process context (reference materials, policy information, messages from leaders) to help users understand why their accurate input is needed. Users never leave the Workday screen and can call up any help content, messages or videos on demand.

ADOPT Smart Pages delivers in-application, targeted messaging to your Oracle User population. Guarantee that no one misses your notifications, process change updates, reminders, and announcements. Target any end user group (employees, managers, HR, Finance, etc.) and deliver information relevant to each group while they are using Oracle. Take your Oracle communication effectiveness to a whole new level with ADOPT Smart Pages.

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