Little Things Make Big Things Happen 

John Wooden, legendary coach known for winning ten NCAA championships in a 12-year period, once said “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” This concept holds especially true for a HRIS transformation. The little details that are focused on throughout a project are what bring the big picture to life. Leadership, culture and communication are a few of those little things that continually resonate as being vital to making any transformation successful.

Leadership is Key: When making the sizable investment of implementing a new HRIS system, it is important to be willing to invest towards your resources managing the project. Carefully select the project lead for your company and give them the opportunity to focus on the total transformation. Provide them with the necessary resources (internal and external) to help them manage their workload, enabling them to have the energy and time to devote the necessary focus and attention to detail the project requires. The project lead will set the tone and be an invaluable component of driving the success of the project. This individual should be a strong leader who understands their team, manages to their strengths and weaknesses, knows how to listen to their needs and knows when to say no.  

Understand the Current Business Landscape & Culture: The culture of the business must be understood by all on the project team. This understanding starts with the internal team and is then translated to the consultants and implementers who are leading the change. This means defining and understanding the very essence of what makes your company unique – who are your employees and what do they bring to the table? How do you go about doing business today and how will that change in the future? How does your HR team work together? What are challenges you face today? Etc. By defining and understanding the culture upfront, as a team you can anticipate challenges and plan with a variety of perspectives.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: A transformation effort is the working together of several moving parts. Each one performs its own vital function, but cannot do so without the other working parts of the team. The team should establish and agree upon the plans and constantly refer to those plans throughout the course of a project. In the same regard, each team member should inform others when changes are made, when items arise that require action and when there are concerns and accomplishments throughout the course of the project. Experience indicates that face-to-face conversations get better results than multiple emails.

These are not revolutionary ideas, but establishing the discipline to turn these little things into a reality for an implementation is a challenge that can reap great rewards. What are the little things that have made a big difference in your transformation experience? Let us know!

Submitted by:

Brittany Montfort, Associate Consultant – KnowledgeSource, Inc.

Brittany is an associate consultant with a combination of communication, strategy and delivery skills that enables her to provide highly effective client solutions with a focus on Change Management and Training Support. Ms. Montfort received a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

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