These are our success stories.

They can be yours, too.

From HR/finance advisory to talent management systems adoption (and every other business case), KSI success is based on long-term relationships with our clients. Our consultants become integral members of your team, and we’re always available to help with that next big business transformation need.

KSI clients become more than just clients – they become family. This part of our transformation services sets us apart in an industry that can be impersonal. At KSI, we take client success very personally.

When preparing a business case to support your transformation, real-life examples of similar project successes can be instrumental in getting stakeholder buy-in. As you develop justification for bringing on KSI consultants as advisory and implementation partners, consider these case studies from our satisfied clients.

KSI Leads Successful Worldwide Change Management Project

KSI advisors recently helped a global entertainment company launch a new HCM platform. Relying heavily on KSI change management expertise, the company initiated the platform launch in stages to manage a geographically dispersed employee adoption strategy.

Learn more about KSI’s customized approach to this company’s growing workforce management needs through carefully planned change management.

The Business Case for KSI-Managed Digital Adoption

Hired to provide strategy and adoption communications for all stakeholders, KSI helped a major U.S. financial institution consolidate its systems used for all business functions.

Read more about this detailed project and how KSI led the way through a complicated technology, change management, and digital adoption process essential to business success.

EMEA Shared Services Delivery Redesign and Management

A global dental products manufacturer tasked KSI with establishing a centralized EMEA Service Centre for more than 8,000 distributed employees. The project began before the pandemic halted operations, requiring an efficient transition to offsite project management and timeline adjustments.

See how KSI handled the massive project within GDPR and EMEA-specific country guidelines while keeping the client team and project timeline moving forward during a global pandemic.

The KSI business case is built into every client story

KSI advisory services provide value beyond Finance, HR, IS/IT, and Customer Experience strategy. Our services adapt to your business needs of today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Explore how KSI can help your company grow and become more efficient at the same time, with the support and customized solutions KSI consultants offer.