Technology Vendor Market Perspective

As an objective industry expert, it is essential for us to maintain critical market knowledge of the vendor community and related ecosystems.   From software vendors, to service providers, or professional service firms, we regularly and proactively maintain alliances with the vendor community to ensure we have access to their latest and greatest solutions, services, offerings, and roadmaps.

KSI invests significantly in order to maintain our understanding on the market and keeping our “fingers on the pulse” of the HR, Payroll, and Finance Technology vendor communities.  We are able to maintain real time clarity through our extensive work in the market as well as through our strategic alliance network that incorporates the leading technology providers.  

KSI regularly produces vendor market data that compares and contrasts different vendors through the eyes of our customers.   This consumer driven market report is comprised of hundreds of industry executives providing objective based analysis and perspective on the vendors and their product capabilities.  We believe this “consumer report” oriented perspective offers a more informative view of the market vs. traditional 3rd party market reports.

Each organization is its own unique operation and picking the right technology(ies) to enable future growth, control costs and remain competitive is critical.  Our efforts in researching the market directly translates to informed, efficient and effective consulting for our clients, resulting in more accurate decision making.