The Value of Asking "Why?"

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The daily list of To Dos in the midst of major HR transformations, technology implementations, strategic vision definition, and budget planning can sometimes be overwhelming. We tend to be measured by what and how much we do. More often than not, we are fixated on completing the status report to say, “Yes, I’ve done all these things.”  After participating in hundreds of these types of projects over the years and delivering thousands of reports, charts, graphs, etc., I can tell you that one of the best lessons I ever learned was to change the typical project path and ask “Why?” on a consistent basis. I know, I know… it’s difficult to be the person perceived as holding up the momentum of the group.  No one wants to be the stick in the spokes of a wheel that is rapidly heading down the tracks toward Checking-Things-Off-The-Listville. There is, indeed, an art to the practice of asking “Why?” and uncovering the unspoken assumptions that each person holds about the how best to accomplish the project goals. Assumptions are judgments we hold as being true without evidence or validation. Applying assumptions enables efficiency and reinforces authority. Those tend to be well regarded skills…

The Next and Future King

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The title reference isn’t the Sword in the Stone and this definitely isn’t a citation from the lyrics of Mental as Anything, but it is an often repeated behavior we all conduct.   At one time or another we all like to contemplate about being the successor to the throne, the next king, or leader of the pack in any field.   There’s often fame, instant name recognition and occasionally financial rewards for being the leader in almost any endeavor.   It is also undeniable that there is a certain element of covetous targeting ascribed to anyone in positions of preeminence.   Most of us harbor some aspirations of being the king, the top dog and the leader in an any chosen endeavor, but is anyone really prepared for the price of leadership. There is a phrase that being the leader means always having a target on your back and the natural consequence of being #1 in any area is that everyone else is behind and looking up at the lead position.   For the past three years Workday has arguably been the media darling in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market.   The look and feel of their product mimics contemporary social media leaders like…

Going Global

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Creating a One-Stop Shop for Employee Data Increased global expansion for most Fortune 1000 companies is forcing more and more HR organizations to wrestle with some logical issues tied to worldwide growth and the accompanying people management challenges. Aligning technology, the organization of people and supporting processes requires experience establishing structures that are vital to the health of any global organization. Unfortunately, the complexity of addressing diverse compliance and country specific requirements put together with relatively few recognized solutions makes this a daunting task for most companies. There are a variety of drivers that should compel organizations to develop tools to support globalization. These include: Identifying talent throughout the entire organization and ensuring it gets deployed where it provides the greatest value Providing enabling technologies that extend shared and personal information to true knowledge base capabilities Facilitating employee mobility to address both corporate and personal objectives Standardizing processes that optimize the efficiency of comprehensive people management Streamlining reporting and workforce analytics to support dynamic monitoring of the transformation effort Unfortunately, there are also several barriers that impede an organization’s desire to realize global aspirations. Inclusive in this list of challenges are things such as: Limited leadership vision on the potential…

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