Don't Mistake Activity with Achievement

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Don’t Mistake HR Activity with Achievement John Wooden, the legendary UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach, once stated, “Don’t Mistake Activity with Achievement.” While he was most likely referring to the game of basketball when he made this statement, it can be argued that this simple warning can be applied in any situation or environment. With the pressure that HR faces to continuously improve operations and eliminate unnecessary costs, many organizations are finding themselves performing numerous HR activities, yet they are not achieving the results they intended. More importantly, many HR organizations are not asking the right questions or seeking the right answers, and as a result, they will continue to perform activities without adding maximum value to the business. Process Mapping/Improvement, Policy/Data Standardization, HR Transformation, Vendor Evaluation, HRMS Implementation. The majority of individuals that work in a HR environment are familiar with these phrases or activities. In fact, it is probably safe to say that these individuals are more than familiar with these activities as they have undertaken these initiatives within their own organizations. Hopefully, those organizations were able to realize the results they intended. However, the reality is that many organizations are not seeing those results because they are performing…
February, 2014 - KnowledgeSource is pleased to announce the addition of two new consultants to our global network of HR transformation specialists, Mr. Perry Kardasis and Mr. Craig Austin. Perry Kardasis, Senior Consultant - Perry is an accomplished business leader with 17+ years of experience in Human Resources, Information Systems, Shared Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Organizational Effectiveness and Operational Excellence.  Most of Perry’s career has been spent with Fortune 500 companies, where he has managed department budgets, focused on strategy development and execution, and HR transformation.  Perry also has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions. Perry holds a BS from DePaul University Business School and a MBA from Oakland University.  He and his family reside in Rochester, Michigan. Perry enjoys running, travel and spending time with his family and friends. Craig Austin, Consultant - Craig has extensive consulting experience with twenty years of experience in both Fortune 500 Companies and start up organizations with a consistent focus on teamwork, and creating clear and attainable project objectives while managing constraints.  Craig has an outstanding track record of providing efficient solutions and well developed action plans, whether developing a new product or managing a holistic approach on existing offerings to mitigate risk and ensure…

It's Not Always The Vendor's Fault

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It’s Not Always The Vendor’s Fault When assessing your current sourcing relationship, ask yourself the following questions:           Are your expectations (success criteria) clearly defined?           Are you “managing the vendor”?           How far “outside of the box” have you forced your vendor to go?           Do you have the correct sourcing model/vendor for your situation?           How will the situation differ next time? Expectations All too often, organizations rush to implement solutions without properly defining success criteria.  Not only are these criteria critical to establishing a proper roadmap for projects/implementations, they are measuring sticks that give the buyer a means of judging performance – during and after “go live”.  Spend some time working with key stakeholders and list out several metrics that are vital to your everyday operations.   Work with your solutions provider to determine how those metrics can be tracked and insist on service goals tied to those definitions.  More often than not, the majority of your success criteria are the same as other clients, but for those items that are specific to your situation, make sure you…

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