It's that time of year again!                 HR Tech 2014 is just about underway and KnowledgeSource is once again excited to be front and center for the action at booth #1858. This year, we will be hosting a revolving table of HR veterans, established leaders in the vendor marketplace, and seasoned consultants to discuss:     • Current and upcoming HR Service Delivery and HR Technology trends   • Provide highlights and lessons learned from recent HR Technology projects   • Answer questions from conference attendees     We'll be bringing an all-star cast of experienced HR consulting veterans including: Julianne Murray, Bob Crow, and Damon Lovett.  For those of you attending this year's event, come on by booth #1858 and let's talk shop. Not in Vegas for the convention?  Don't worry, follow us on twitter @KSourceHR and we'll keep you informed. See you at Booth #1858!
Editor's note: This article was initially published and can be viewed in its entirety in the inaugural publication of HR.Com's "Core HR, HRIS & Payroll Excellence" magazine. A virtual presentation of this topic's material will be hosted at HR.Com (http://ow.ly/yFF6o) by Damon Lovett on July 10, 2014 from  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST. It’s like something out of a sci-fi thriller.  Everyone is implanted with a chip that dictates our actions, tracks our every move, and eventually determines our expiration date.  Forget aliens – it’s our own government, man!  Ok, I’m clearly over-exaggerating - the government can’t seem to figure out how to fund NASA much less get their arms around an un-imaginable fantasy like the Matrix…or can they?  The reality is that the Internet of Things is happening and regardless of your belief in alien abductions or government mandates, all of it is self-inflicted.  The bottom line:  People need people!  The most basic human need is to connect and share with other who have like-minded interests.  Rapid advancements in mobile devices, intuitive apps, social media and cloud-based service delivery has removed all the barriers & borders and allows us to quickly and easily connect, analyze, collaborate, and create…

Little Things Make Big Things Happen

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Little Things Make Big Things Happen  John Wooden, legendary coach known for winning ten NCAA championships in a 12-year period, once said “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” This concept holds especially true for a HRIS transformation. The little details that are focused on throughout a project are what bring the big picture to life. Leadership, culture and communication are a few of those little things that continually resonate as being vital to making any transformation successful. Leadership is Key: When making the sizable investment of implementing a new HRIS system, it is important to be willing to invest towards your resources managing the project. Carefully select the project lead for your company and give them the opportunity to focus on the total transformation. Provide them with the necessary resources (internal and external) to help them manage their workload, enabling them to have the energy and time to devote the necessary focus and attention to detail the project requires. The project lead will set the tone and be an invaluable component of driving the success of the project. This individual should be a strong leader who understands their team, manages to their strengths…

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