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As we welcome in 2015 and briefly glimpse back to appreciate the year that was 2014, we at KnowledgeSource would like to wish you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year.  2014 was a banner year for us and 2015 is shaping up to be even brighter.  HR Technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and appetite for the cloud continues to drive HR organizations to push for transformation in order to keep up with their peers, retain and attract talent, reduce administrative costs/burdens and increase the strategic nature of HR.  One of the best displays of this rapid development and consumer interest is none other than the one and only HR Technology Conference (@HRTechConf or #HRTechConf).

The 2014 HR Technology Conference posted another record-breaking year with a community of 8,000 and growing. With few real competitors in the industry, HR Tech is commonly referred to as the international annual town meeting for all things HR Technology.  As always, KnowledgeSource was front and center at the event and our own Damon Lovett provides the following recap:

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Never a disappointment, this past years HR Tech conference was an entertaining and enlightening event.  As always, some would boast that "HR Tech attracts the top thinkers and strategists in our space" and maybe that's so, but let's be honest - the most important attendees at this or any conference are always the attendees.  If we left the conversation to the "top movers and shakers", the top trending topics become things like candidate profiling, leadership development, employee participation, benefit management.... etc. Yawn! Whether attending to learn about trends, latest innovations, or what's happening within the HR Technology space, attendess came with their own agendas.  It was these agenda's that sparked some of the most interesting conversations focusing on simplicity (i.e. removing #HR complexity), Talent Management, and the Future of Work.  Noting that the target audience for this event tends to be the CHRO and others in the C-Suite (CIO, CFO, etc.), group dialogues around HR Tech efficiency through simplistic user experiences and simplified HR processes were not hard to find within and outside the expo hall.

The "Cloud" continued to be a hot topic as the importance of providing consistent, reliable and cost efficient delivery models remains evident.  From the HR products & services exhibited at the show, to how we communicate with one another on a team or individual level, it was clear that it is time to re-envision the term cloud in a way in which it was intended - a consolidation, collaboration, and validation of innovation and future-forward thought process (or collective "brain power") of the workforce.  People drive innovation - as well as the economy - and the workforce makes up the most substantial investment for the enterprise. Productivity and how we get work done is of the utmost importance, becoming a dominant focus point for executives and slowly but surely taking precedent over short-sighted economic reactions such as workforce reductions.

People information plays a big part in this, uncovering the inefficiencies and complexities noted above.  Analytics can be a very compelling resource when telling an organization or industry's story. Static numbers are just that - numbers without real meaning.  However, when the proper resources (HR or otherwise) understand the correlation between people information, enterprise information, and industry information, they are empowered to offer a strategic narrative.  To get the most out of people information, HR organizations must add context to mega-trends and it is clear that companies will have to invest in the competencies needed to pull this off as well as the right tools to support this venture.  As noted by Bill Kutik, founder of the HR Technology Conference, predictive analytics (using trends to influence future decisions) is the future of this space and the notion has not been lost on Talent Management suites such as Cornerstone OnDemand, IBM and even recruitment video provider HireView, who are all jumping into predictive analytics game.  Insight into business information and trends is as much about recruiting and hiring the right talent, from the right source, at the right time as it is about understanding how said talent is affecting the business ecosystem as a whole.

Conversations & collaborations during the breaks and in the Expo Hall were again key in gaining real-time/relevant insight and creating long-term connections with those who are - or have been - dealing with similar business scenarios.  On the second day of the conference, I was invited to host SHRM's weekly #Nextchat series (Recap Available Here).  Participants were made up of conference attendees as well as those who could not make the event and all provided a myriad of thoughts and insights into their HR Technology scearnio and goals for the upcoming year.

All in all the 2014 HR Technology Conference was a success and it was evident that the industry has and will continue to see change and innovation.  The question remains; can HR keep up with the rapid pace?

Damon Lovett, Senior Consultant – KnowledgeSource, Inc.

Damon's unique mix of practitioner, vendor and consulting experience has helped companies simplify complex processes and several optimal sustainable technology solutions to improve service delivery and overall business effectiveness. Damon brings industry leadership, HR transformation capabilities and a collaborative style to deliver successful projects..



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